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No-pollution to Huangpu River, Lightening the night of Shanghai
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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Jinghua net: no-pollution to Huangpu river fireworks lighten the night in Shanghai

China Pavilion and beautiful fireworks enhance each other’s beauty.

360 degree fireworks circle display on the oriental pearl tower.

Firework flowers in the sky lighten the dark night

Up World expo museum appears star fireworks well proportioned

Fireworks in sky cast beautiful reflections with Huangpu river

Beijing times, last night, the Light, Fountain and Firework performance, in the theme of ‘whole state celebration’ started in the sequence of ‘welcome to China’, ‘gather at world expo’ and ‘whole world celebration’. Giant red carpet of light lying on Huangpu river, 6000 tri-colors light balls flowing down the river, more than 200 flag boats up streaming in formidable array, both met at the river center to compose splendid glorious picture. Accompanied with pretty rhythm of the Butterfly lovers, water fountains danced gracefully, performing a brilliant symphony of water and fire.

This firework gala show is the initial cooperation between the two domestic tycoons in firework industry-Panda firework and Dancing firework. President of Panda firework Zhao Weiping received interview after the firework gala show.

Journalist: It was really a grand sight this firework display. There appeared some new colors this time I guess?

Zhao Weiping: Definitely, on this show we got some breakups on colors. Such as violet, sea blue and others. Besides, new recipes were implied at the tail of the firework, golden in pink, making connections more natural and beautiful.

Journalist: Is there any other highlights?

Zhaoweiping: There were many specific fireworks this time, such as fireworks in shape of star, heart, and the world expo logo. Also the oriental pearl tower circle display is another highlight.

Journalist: What kind of new environmental friendly technology was used this time?

Zhao Weiping: This firework gala show was a environmental friendly and low carbon firework grand banquet, such as the low pollution rate raw material, extracted powder, sufficient burning new developed smokeless, cold lights environmental friendly products. So, even fireworks explored over the Huangpu river, it had no pollution to it.

Journalist: How to keep the security towards displays on skyscrapers in Puxi?

Zhao Weiping: We put the security at the initial place. Effect will be out of the question if no security. We execute rigorous security control from firework quality to barrel display and fire, also with detailed pre-arranged plan. So we could guarantee the security of every display place, no risk at all.

Journalist: Compared with the Olympic games in Beijing, what is the total cost of this firework display.

Zhaoweiping: 100,000 fireworks were displayed on the opening ceremony of world expo, higher than the cost of Beijing Olympic Games.


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