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Sina news: high technologies hidden behind the glorious fireworks
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last night, fireworks performance on Shanghai World Expo created scenes of fire trees and glorious flowers night.

From 21:00 last nigh, the fireworks performance pushed the opening ceremony up to a high tide, sound, light, electric, river, fireworks, fountains, added with giant LED screen, creating scenes of fire trees and glorious flowers night.

There were totally 100,000 sets fireworks and more than 300 kinds, in which fireworks from Hunan took part in more than 50% percent.

What high technologies hidden behind this perfect performance? It was uncovered by Panda Fireworks and Lidu Fireworks from Jiangxi.

Why no smell neither debris

Why no smell and no debris

After the launch, journalist found there were still smoke in the sky but no smell and even no debris on ground.

For a long time, it is seemed that pollution is the born physical defect. ZhaoWeiping, president of Panda Fireworks said it was because of un pure power and not sufficient burn. ‘besides adopting massive no debris products, we also have air compressed launch instead of power launch.’ He introduced, it was the first time to use the new system researched by its subordinate Dancing fireworks which reached the international developed level.

Question 2

How to make fireworks dancing on the water surface

Last night, the fireworks performance lasted half hour. In first 15 minutes, time space of launch was 30 seconds, peony, willow and other visual graphics. In the last 15 minutes, intensive launching made a grand sight.

As introduced by Luoxiping, those fireworks dancing on the water surface were specially researched, adopted high technology to make it water-proof.

How to make sure massive fireworks set at one time.

Every process of fireworks display are controlled by computers precisely.

ZhaoWeiping said it was very proud to make contribution to the world expo as a enterprise from Hunan.

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