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The largest fireworks performance will be on show on Shanghai World Expo
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The largest fireworks performance will be on show. Announced by Panda together with Dancing-fireworks, this time they would present a brilliant picture in Shanghai. While the new developed and initial appeared large special effect fireworks would create many miracles.

They told that total amount would reach 100,000 sets, 20,000 more than the fireworks of Beijing Olympics in aspects of amount and variety.

Compared with performances on Beijing Olympic Games and the 60th anniversary celebration, this time firework performance would not be inferior, more shocking and amazing.

For a long time, it is seemed that pollution is the born physical defect. ZhaoWeiping, president of Panda Fireworks said it was because of un pure power and not sufficient burn. ‘besides adopting massive no debris products, we also have air compressed launch instead of power launch.’ He introduced, it was the first time to use the new system researched by its subordinate Dancing fireworks which reached the international developed level.

This firework gala show is the initial cooperation between the two domestic tycoons in firework industry-Panda firework and Dancing firework. President of Panda firework Zhao Weiping received interview after the firework gala show.

Panda Fireworks will be in charge of more than 50% of the performing task. Very popular fireworks appeared on Beijing Olympic Games would also be on show this time.

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