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Fireworks on World Expo, More shocking than that on Beijing Olympic Games
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

About 500 technical staff in World Expo

Jinghua post reported, on Shanghai World Expo, there would be a newly developed giant special effect fireworks shown. Yesterday, ZhaoWeiping, in charge of Panda Fireworks-appointed fireworks display unit, introduced that this world expo fireworks performance would be the largest one in scale. Setting sites include Huangpu river surface, the Oriental Pearl Tower, Putong, Puxi and other sites.

As Privacy Policy signed, Zhao did not mention details about the giant special effect fireworks but he expressed that it would be more shocking and amazing compared with fireworks performance on Olympic Games and the 60th anniversary celebration. Besides, newly developed little smoke, no debris, no smell fireworks in low carbon and green features will appear this time. This would be the third time technique innovation following the chip inner fireworks and compressed air launch.

As introduced, Panda has purchased Dancing, they would jointly participate in Shanghai World Expo fireworks display. Now they have organized a fireworks display team of above 1000 people, in which near 500 technical staff have entered the World Expo Park.

Zhongziqi, president of Dancing said, opening ceremony rehearsal with makeup will be taken in the near future. As fireworks in graphics of ‘Olympic rings’, ‘footprint’, ‘smile face’ were shown on Olympic Games and the 60th anniversary celebration of national day, these good fireworks would also be shown this time.

There is another news that Panda is applying for the London Olympic Games Fireworks display. ZhaoWeiping said result would be uncovered at the end of this year.

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