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Beijing Panda, Pass the Fire Drill
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

50 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, on screen of central control room appeared a man in suspicious behavior, who was approaching the fireworks storage. ‘Action!’ At the moment he moved to the door, the Commander ordered. Three securities appeared suddenly in front of the man. He was scared and tried to force into the storage but got controlled immediately. Later, a can of gas was found on him.

The man not really wanted to explore the storage. It was just an anti-terror exercise held by Beijing Panda Fireworks. On 16th, Aug, Yichun city, major fireworks explosion happened in Yichun city, Heilongjiang province. It’s a alarm. Added with hot weather and high humidity, more thunders and more rains, risks of fireworks & firecrackers explosion and being affected with damp rose. The situation is serious. Thus our company held fire-safety excise, aimed to enhance comprehension and understanding towards safety production, to strengthen coordinate abilities of handling emergency incidents. Officials from Beijing Safety Supervision Bureau, Fangshan Safety Supervision Bureau, Fangshan Fire Squadron, Fangshan Emergency Center, and Hancun River Local Police Station participated in this excise.



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