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Discovery "Discovers" in Liuyang Factory
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To make more international audience know better about---the derivative of one of China’s four ancient discoveries gunpowder, five Canadians from the column Daily Planet of the Canadian channel Discovery’s came to shoot in Liuyang factory of Panda Fireworks Group on 25th, July. They interviewed China’s largest and best fireworks manufacturer and visited our factory and office.

This traditional industry of fireworks has a long history. As the leading manufacturer, Panda Fireworks has won its reputation in this industry.

Factory: It was 5:00 in the morning. As usual, Pan Jiabin put on his fireproof work uniform and habitually touched the antistatic ball to enter the storage, leading the Canadian team for their two-day shoot.

Starting working at 5am is a particularity of the fireworks industry. In order to reduce danger coefficient caused by hot and dry weather in summer, early morning becomes the most suitable working time.

Panda fireworks’ success during the “60th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC” has won itself the prestige of “national fireworks” in China and its success during the Beijing Olympic Games has earned it the fame of “Panda Fireworks, Olympics caliber”. To insure smooth production, all procedures of the production line are hand-made, including powder prescription, powder production, drying, timer installation, propellant powder installation and encapsulation.

After getting some ideas of the manufacturing processes and the market, the crew was shown the industry’s most advanced monitoring system for warehouse security. In front of the system, Pan emphasized the importance of safety, as it is the lifeline of fireworks production.

Picture: Company leaders show the monitor to the crew

Then, they visited the workers’ office, dormitory and dining room. At night, the company arranged a small-size display, showcasing some highly praised, technically difficult products. The crew was amazed at their splendid effect.

After a day’s shooting, they exclusively interviewed the president, who answered questions as regard to the company’s products, operation and future plan.

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