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Counting down number and auspicious cloud in Beijing Olympics
Friday, September 10, 2010

Aug.8, 2008 Beijing was sleepless, last night Bird’s Nest became the world focus again. At 8:00 pm, 24th, Aug, 2008, dark sky above the Bird’s Nest was lightened again by thousands of fireworks. When Olympic Games’ curtains finally closed, when the whole Beijing merged into fireworks sea, Panda Fireworks conveyed Beijing’s farewell to the whole world: Take care, our friends, See you, our friends!

Olympic rings, peony blossom….half month passed, the brilliant firework show on the opening ceremony is still appearing before our eyes. Last night, 8138 fireworks filled the whole Olympic closing ceremony square. Above the Bird’s Nest, Panda Fireworks people called pieces of auspicious clouds, rising arched rainbows, drawing a perfect full stop for Beijing Olympic Games, predicting a colorful tomorrow of China.

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Not a little display risk on both opening and closing ceremony in Bird’s Nest If fireworks on opening ceremony is a overwhelming symphony, Panda Fireworks portraying perfectly on firework impacts, leading all guests into Olympic time when Bird’s Nest changed into the sea of red flowers, then fireworks on closing ceremony is a sensitive poetry, infections conveyed by Panda people using fireworks, expressing reluctant farewell and best wishes towards guests from the whole world.

Introduced by Chief Commander of firework display of opening ceremony in Bird’s Nest, the president of Panda Fireworks Group Jackson Zhao, in the closing ceremony, 8138 fireworks are still the main elements through the whole place. While colors of fireworks in closing ceremony are based on blue and purple to highlight romantics, dream atmosphere, to convey the farewell emotion.

On the opening ceremony of Olympic Games, Panda Fireworks people draw pictures of Olympic rings and other designs and broke out the obstacles in fireworks display in other Olympic holding cities. Whole world celebrate for Beijing! Cheers for China! ZhaoWeiping said fireworks after the closing ceremony will show pattern of flower rings ‘to predict the perfect, harmonious future of China.’