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Nine Secrets of Fireworks on Opening Ceremony
Friday, September 10, 2010

Along with the magnificent fireworks display on opening ceremony, the amazing fireworks designs got recognized from the whole world. And the Chief Commader ZhaoWeiping began to tell the journalist the story behind fireworks.

No scraps

Peony bloom without power smell

Secret 1

No scraps

Last night 11 o’clock, at the end of opening ceremony, audience were startled to find that there was no scraps no debris after the whole processing fireworks display.

Zhao said it was a new environmental friendly material which could be totally burned.

Secret 2

No power smell

When 30 long ‘silver fall’ was pouring from the bridge top, it was seemed that a star river flowing in the Bird’s Nest. With fireworks flying and dancing before eyesight, audience did not sense any smell.

This is because no power inside the fireworks. They borrowed Shenzhou VI setting technology, using compressed air which is controlled by solenoid valve to set the fireworks.

Design secret 1

How is the peony bloom

The first high tide came when the national flower peony firework bloom slowly from a bud. Panda Fireworks president ZhaoWeiping said it only took 11 seconds for the peony to bloom but need 4845 fireworks.

85 places on the top of Bird’s Nest, each one responsible to set 3, every petal is consisted by 29 fireworks which imply the 29th Olympic Games.

When setting, in the series from inside to outside, from the heart to the petal, when coming to the last layer petal, 85 setting points started at the same time.

Design secret 2

How the Olympic rings appear

That night, Olympic rings in five colors appeared in the sky, crossing in the image of Olympic rings. Jackson said the biggest problem to show the Olympic rings image is the setting time and time space with 0.03 seconds in constant speed.

Design secret 3

‘Silver fall’

How to flow into the audience seats

On the opening ceremony, there appeared a 40 meters long silver fall, down from the Bird’s Nest top into the audience seats.Jackson said, diameter of upside opening is about 500 meters, 40 meters high, which demands the ‘fall’ is at least 500 meters long and 30 meters high, making audience get the great feeling.

Design secret 4

‘Peace dove’ how to show its wings

Careful audiences would find that snow white peace doves waving their wings.Jackson told the journalist, it’s not hard to show the ‘wings’; it’s the waving action. In order to make the peace dove active, technical staff developed the traditional firework ‘white comet tail’, kept only the white light and leaving no cross hint. They calculated waving rate of flying peace dove to make the ‘peace dove’ waving wing once 1 second.

Design secret 5

How the Flaring Bird’s Nest become vigorous

In the dark night a red belt come through the whole performing area, twinkling, running and jumping.Jackson said first it was hard to decide the setting place to cover the whole Bird’s Nest. One set every 5 meters on girders, same is the girders crossing point, all in same space. Second is the time space control to make sure setting and distinguishing at the same time.

Design secret 6

How the ‘heaven door’ open

There was a scene on the opening ceremony: a glorious arched door appeared above the Bird’s Nest. The heaven door opened from closed, till totally opened. What is hard to control the distance and the angle. First group crossed the arch shape, following groups to show the door open slowly vividly.

Design secret 7

How the ‘counting down number’ appear

Nine, eight, seven….at the beginning of the opening ceremony, twinkle numbers appeared first in the sky. Zhao introduced that every number should keep its exact lasting time, ‘Even a slight over lasting could ruin the counting down.’