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Who is the first Man to play fire in Bird’s Nest?——Jackson Zhao
Friday, September 10, 2010

He disappeared………

Before daybreak of 9th Aug, not long after the opening ceremony, people lost contact with the Chief Commander ZhaoWeiping. Until 8 am, he was found at the door of the company, unconscious.

He was lying on the floor, drunk from the celebrating meeting. ‘I’m so excited to see the success after so long time suffering!’ last night, Zhao told the journalist that he felt so relaxed after the opening ceremony.Proud showing on his face

With 22 years efforts to create his own business right after graduation, Zhao established a great kingdom of fireworks, holding the only domestic listed company of fireworks. He has been appointed to set fireworks on Guangzhou Spring Festival for 11 years.

Get orders by reliable technology

Jackon Zhao has come through numerous great scene firework display. ‘But Olympic Games’ demands are much more strict.’ After the successful application, he got contact with the Olympic Organizing Committee to get the Olympic fireworks standard from Beijing Bureau of Qaulity Supervision. ‘ they demanded the fireworks with little smoke, no debris, no scraps and within 5% height mistakes.’

After research, they got a new environmental friendly material, rapid dissolved, no hint left. Sulpur could not be used. They borrowed the inspiration from the Shenzhou VI, using compressed air instead of power, controlled by solenoid valve to set the fireworks.

Problems has been settled successfully and they got the order from the Organizing Committee.

We learned to be better

Follow the big order comes great hard work Bird’s Nest is above 30 meters. It will take them half hour climbing ladder to implement setting equipments on the top of Bird’s Nest.

After above 100 tons of fireworks were hung up to the top, Jackon Zhao carried the fireworks and equipments with other workers to appointed places along the steel gilder. It was very hot in July, workers even needed to drink 15 bottles of water to support their labor work. It’s heart breaking.’

‘From Beijing Olympic Games we learned to do better’. Compared with implement on land before, this time they demanded drawings and design of every fireworks setting place.We have confidence to get the London Olympic Gamed order Last night, Zhao gathered his technical backbones from Guangzhou to celebrate their success. Zhao told the journalist that they had confidence to get the London Olympic Games order after great fame brought by Beijng Olympic Games.

Zhao went home less than 10 times from last Sep. Each time was in a hurry back to Beijing. ‘I missed my wife and my children very much, but I could not loose with this great responsibility.’ On the opening ceremony, he supervised the firework setting on the top of Bird’s Nest. ‘it’s magnificent. All our efforts and suffer are worthy.’