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Fireworks on Opening Ceremony, No Smell No Scraps Left!
Friday, September 10, 2010

‘Fireworks displayed on the Olympic opening ceremony reached the very top list of world environmental protection, realizing the first green fireworks setting in the history of world fireworks.’ Presented by ZhaoWeiping, Chief Commander of firework setting and implement on opening and closing ceremony at the Great Wall during this Olympic Games, also the president of Panda Fireworks Group Co., Ltd.

ZhaoWeiping said, to settle the pollution problems when setting-scraps, debris and smell of sulphur, Panda started cooperation with National Institute of Key Projects to develop air launching technology one year ago. Compressed air launch more precisely and smoothly instead of traditional exploring method, no pollution left. They also developed ‘chip fireworks’, with all controlled by computer. ‘with these technologies, all problems are settled down.’ Zhao said.

16000 fireworks blossom in the sky above Bird’s Nest on the opening ceremony, with little pollution. Sulphur smell was successfully removed. As Zhao said, it was realized easily when compressed air instead of power powder, controlled by solenoid valve to set more environmental friendly materials.