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Fireworks Performance Plan for the Guangzhou Asian Games Has Been Confirmed
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Recently, according to information from the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, as an important part of the Asian Games, fireworks performance plan for important events on Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony has been confirmed. But the specific display location and concrete scheme were not released.
All fireworks for the 16th Asian Games are products of Panda Fireworks, a famous domestic fireworks enterprise. Panda Fireworks successfully undertook fireworks displays for the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, celebration ceremony of the 60th national day and events of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. It was the exclusive fireworks supplier for all these important events, providing impressive products like “Bird Nest Fireworks Display”, “Pentagram and Emblem of 2010 World Expo” and the unique “Fireworks Painting”. The gorgeous fireworks performances gave pleasant enjoyment to the public.
Choosing fireworks display location for the 16th Asian Games will be different from usual practices of past great sport events, such as having displays inside the main stadium. Places outside the stadium, with certain height or on water surface will be preferable choices of display locations. It is believed that the fireworks performance will present the public a magnificent visual enjoyment, since the fireworks performance plan guarantees new ideas for concrete scheme, special arrangements for new display effects and fireworks supplies with the amount more than all the past Asian Games.
The 16th Asian Games will be the one which has the most events in its history, in accordance with “Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia”, the vision advocated by the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee. Guangzhou citizens will welcome all athletes from areas of the Asia. It is believed that the fireworks performance will be a splendid part of the Asian Games.
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