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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When there is grand opening or festival celebration, there is always dazzling fireworks. It is not just our Chinese domestic inherent grand occasion. In fact, we can watch colorful fireworks through many international events. Beautiful moments are always too charming to forget.

From Olympics to Asian Games, we've seen too many sports competition opening ceremonies which have different perception. Of course, audiences always would like to see the fabulous sights at the back of the gorgeous firework show while enjoying the ceremonies, so how does such great originality create?

Through opening and closing ceremonies of Guangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Paralympics’ Game, the dazzling and peculiar form of fireworks by Panda Fireworks left the endless memories to the numerous audiences. Compared with Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo which also made by Panda Fireworks, the fireworks of Asian Games are the top in China for its display height and scope. It gains the effect of zero security incidents through monitoring the entire procedure from raw material production on and the safety of display location.

As a leading fireworks listed company in China, Panda Fireworks is the leader in this industry for the product specifications diversity and safety. The company has its own research and development team. They got big progress in new products, new materials, new technology research and development over the past years. And the high technology which used in the fireworks show of Olympic Games, Asian Games, National Day and other major events are applied into consumer fireworks products to increase its performance. With tremendous strength, technology leading, high sense of responsibility to consumers, they protect Panda fireworks to offer high-technology, high-performance products to the market continuously.

It is reported that the Asia Games fireworks made the "smoke-free." As the paper which used in fireworks can be dissolved, so it also strengthened environmental protection and the debris can be brought out in time. In addition, the smokes and noise from fireworks also have been solved somehow. “Today, the fireworks product has been able to ensure the smoke non-toxic. As long as conditions is allowed, by taking new technology nearly half smoke can be cut off. Problem of Noise and garbage is only temporary. ” As a form of celebration, fireworks have been a complex to Chinese. No fireworks no flourishing. In fact, the fireworks performance is not just a show; it is evolving into a culture. "Gunpowder" is one of the four great inventions of ancient China, The derivatives of "gunpowder" – Fireworks proved to the world finally that China is not just the fireworks production base in the world, but also on the top level of worldwide fireworks display. Olympic glory got into past, the excited moment of Asian Games will dissipate gradually. Now, we are expecting the fireworks performance in Dubai 2010, London 2012 Olympic Games, Sydney Opera House in two years,and Eiffel Tower in 2013.


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