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Fireworks Blooming in the Sky of Uzbekistan
Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fireworks Blooming in the Sky of Uzbekistan

Panda’s excellent fireworks display for 20th Independence Day of Uzbekistan

The night of Aug 31, 2011 witnessed a huge celebration of Uzbekistan’s big day. And the climax of this celebration---a Musical Fireworks Show by Panda Fireworks, was just as perfect as everyone expected.
Right at the moment when the President announced the beginning of the celebration, a 500m range special fireworks design “20YIL” (meaning 20th Anniversary in Uzbekistan language) appeared in the night sky. This special effect was done by a particular technology which made successful of the famous “Footprints” at Beijing Olympics.
Accompanied with typical middle Asia music, this fireworks show revealed itself as a most tremendous, creative and spectacular fireworks display. Its spotless performance was highly praised by the spectators, including the authorities and President of Uzbekistan.
In order to make the best performance, the Government of Uzbekistan appointed Panda’s Creative Design Studio, the main designer of fireworks show of Guangzhou Asian Games, to take the whole project. The Deputy Prime Minister himself also met twice with the chief designer to discuss the fireworks effect.
Prudent operation guarantees splendid presentation. In this event, Panda sent many elite pyrotechnicians. They had participated in huge projects such as Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and Shenzhen Universiade. They worked 10 days on site with admiring spirit. Their teamwork, professionalism and management left a deep impression to the Government of Uzbekistan and earned a great reputation for Panda Fireworks.






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