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Panda Fireworks Won the Champion of Macao International Fireworks Contest on Behalf of Team China
Monday, October 10, 2011

In the 23th Macao International Fireworks Contest, Panda Fireworks used “Marvelous Macao” as theme of display. Its whole show was divided into 5 chapters —“The Lotus, The Tower, The Sailing, The River and The Dream”. Two Chinese characters“澳门”(Macao) made of fireworks were fully revealed by Panda right after the show started.

Panda Fireworks has an advanced creative team. In each chapter, the team members arranged special fireworks designs correspondent with theme of that chapter, such as Spinning Lotus, Lighthouse, Sail, Aquatic Glittering Carpet, Flying and so on.

On use of music, Panda chose “Song of Macao” and “Wonderful Place”, both of which are about beauty and greatness of Macao. It also used exciting and shocking background music as support. People of Macao felt deeply proud and confident when they heard the music.

Macao International Fireworks Contest is one of the most well-known fireworks competitions in the world. It has a long history and huge international influence. On behalf of Team China, Panda won the first prize and rewrote the “no-champion” records of recent years. Not only did it bring honor to China and a gift to China’s National Day, but it brought happiness and joyfulness to the people of Macao.



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