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Superb Startup in Beijing Branch Booth of Panda Fireworks
Wednesday, December 28, 2011


On 18th Dec, the exhibition hall of Beijing Panda Fireworks situated in Chaoyang District officially opened to the public. At 1800, the businessmen, after a busy day, still rushed to the booth, leading to continuing rise in orders. According to statistics, the 1st operating day made a 6-year record high of single-day turnover in Panda Fireworks.

At 0900, the front of Chaoyang booth of Panda Fireworks was fully stuffed with cars. Businessmen arrived from far and wide, Some businessmen from distant regions... ... I have been in this line for 5 years, and have been cooperating with Panda Fireworks, it is the guarantee of quality, people in Beijing trust Panda Fireworks most.

According to the requirement of Beijing new landmark, the inner-barrel fireworks are forbidden for sale in Beijing during the Dragon Spring Festival. Panda Fireworks has made breakthroughs in the development of inner-barrel fireworks substitutes via its own technological edge after half a year. During the ignition trial exhibition on 8th Dec, as soon as inner-barrel fireworks substitutes  of Panda Fireworks made its debut, rows and rows of acclaims were caused immediately.

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