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Debut of Retail Board Rooms for Firecrackers during Dragon-year Spring Festival
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New requirements have been proposed in Safety Requirements over Firecrackers Retail Networks Setting by new landmark of Beijing over provisional sales networks of firecrackers in dragon-year, fortifying color-steel walls, water-proof detector connecting supervision depts., dry chemical extinguisher substituting water type fire extinguisher and etc.

Last Spring Festival, soft camps, which have been used for 6 consecutive years, has been replaced by color-steel walls; Beijing Firecrackers Office requires all provisional sales networks to use color-steel board rooms. The new landmark, which was applied since the dragon Spring Festival has proposed brand new requirements for internal equipment such as color-steel thickness, electric facilities, monitoring detector, fire extinguishers and etc.

In accordance with color-steel board rooms of fireworks and firecrackers in the new landmark, seamless video monitoring networks are required from sales, storage sections and outdoor walls. All detectors are water-proof; the monitoring signals are directly connected to relevant monitoring dept of Dalian Fireworks Office. In this way, smoking of any kind around the networks would be detected in the first time by monitoring dept.


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