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China-made Fireworks in Blooming in Africa
Friday, May 18, 2012

-Panda Fireworks Granted Right to Fireworks Performance at the 50th anniversary of Algerian Independence

On April 25, 2012, Panda Fireworks received a piece of good news, it became the winner in the bid for fireworks performance for celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Algeria together with the internationally famous fireworks enterprises from France, Italy and Spain, etc. The Group was granted the right to exclusively sponsor the fireworks evenings simultaneously in 48 Algerian cities (including Alger and 47 other provincial capitals) due to its originality scheme with Chinese cultural characteristics and powerful strength.
Zhao Weiping, founder of Panda Fireworks, revealed that the fireworks evenings will describe the Algerian way to independence and revival in four sections by integrating fireworks with music, laser projection, LED and other high-tech media.
The fireworks project ranks the top across the world in three aspects:
1. Fireworks scale
2. Participants
3. Co-sponsor cities
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