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Panda Fireworks gets the maximum firework export order in China
Thursday, July 5, 2012

Voice of China on line-Hunan Daily,May 9 (Journalist Li Weifeng Reporter Xie Lifang) The journalist got the information from Panda Fireworks Co. Ltd, the well-known firework enterprise that in the international bidding of the project of the firework setting off in honor of the 50th Independence anniversary of Algeria, this company competed for bidding with other well-known companies from France, Italy, Spain, etc. Because of its distinctive cultural originality and solid ability, this company was the only one that got the qualification of holding the firework evening in 48 cities in Algeria at the same time in July this year

All the fireworks costing 8,500,000 dollars are provided by Panda Fireworks. This is the maximum firework export order from China.


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