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Jiangxi Panda Fireworks celebrated its 23rd foundation anniversary
Thursday, July 5, 2012

In honor of the 23rd foundation anniversary of Panda Fireworks, all the colleagues from the office of the board of the group, Liuyang office of Panda Fireworks, Liuyang Panda Fireworks, Jiangxi Panda Fireworks, Shangli Panda Fireworks, and the sales and purchasing department held a brilliant badminton and table tennis matches in Liuyang, the hometown of fireworks.

The journey of the past 23 years was full of hard work, loyalty, unification, fearless steps of all the staff in Panda Fireworks. The journey of the past 23 years reflects great wisdom of the high-level management’s flying high, aiming high, achieving successively. The past 23 years of brilliant history of Panda Fireworks promise a thriving and prosperous future of Panda Fireworks. Wish Panda Fireworks have a bright prospect through all efforts of Panda Fireworks.


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