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The firework indicated that business of Panda Fireworks increased sharply
Thursday, July 5, 2012

After Panda Fireworks announced the information that the company got the qualification of setting off the fireworks in Algeria in the first ten-day period of May, the firework setting-off company was highly praised in the group. Guangzhou Panda Fireworks is the subsidiary that is specialized in the business of setting off fireworks. In recent years, it has successively finished the originality and implementation of setting off the fireworks of the Olympic Nest, the fireworks of Tiananmen Square on the 60th foundation anniversary of PRC, the fireworks of Guangzhou Asian Games, and the fireworks of Shenzhen National University Games.

In this annual management conference, Huang Gang, the general manager of Guangzhou Panda Fireworks said that compared with the large quantity demand for the fireworks setting off in the world, the achievement got by Guangzhou Panda Fireworks is not much. The originality in setting off the fireworks needs to be strengthened to make the business of setting off fireworks the art appreciated by the whole world.

Huang Gang, the general manger of Guangzhou Panda Fireworks is introducing the situation of the global large firework market
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