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Panda Fireworks Successfully Defends its Championship in Macau
Thursday, October 11, 2012

Panda Fireworks successfully defends its championship at Macau International Fireworks Contest. This year is the 24th edition of this prestigious event where ten of the world's best pyrotechnics display firms compete for the champion. Championship for 2 consecutive years marks the best outcome for Chinese team in this event’s 24 years history.

For this year’s competition, Panda Fireworks used fairy tale "Monkey King: Grandness Equal to Heaven” (Qi Tian Da Sheng) as the theme. Through magical fireworks effects and imaginative design, Panda reproduced the heroic and smart monkey king. The Warring and Winning Buddha lanceworks, color changing lanterns and unique pattern shells like birds, butterflies created seventy-two changes as depicted in the tale. A 30-meter tall Golden Pole (the symbolic ultimate weapon of the monkey king) lancework blew the spectators’ mind. Other famous images of the story like peach and Mahamudra Buddha's hand were also vividly represented with fireworks, interpreting the nine scenes of "monkey was born, searching masters and learning, underwater hunting, challenging the Heaven, Uproar in Heaven, battle with Tathagata, under Wuzhi Mountain, Buddhist sutras, Warring and Winning Buddha". The show brought a breathtaking visual feast to the audience.

The night sky in Macau became unforgettable because of Panda Fireworks. Our championship is the finest gift for China’s 63 National Day!



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