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Moon and Blessings - Panda Fireworks celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with global Chinese Panda Fireworks offered fantast
Thursday, October 11, 2012

Panda Fireworks offered fantastic fireworks show for the 2013 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Gala held in Fuzhou under the theme of “Moon and Blessings”. We are proud of sending our blessings to all the Chinese across the globe at this most heart-touching moment of family gatherings.

That night, over the Fuzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, our dreamlike fireworks were harmoniously synchronized with the event’s three chapter designs: "banyan tree and moonlight", "good fortune in Fuzhou"," happiness at all homes”. The beauty of Fuzhou and our millennium old Chinese culture were interpreted in the most aesthetic way.

The evening gala was broadcast live to the global Chinese via China Central Television (CCTV-1) and the Chinese International Channel (CCTV-4), covering 98% of the world's cities. Many popular Chinese singers and performance artists were invited to celebrate this night of family reunion.

Panda Fireworks hereby sends our best wishes to all the Chinese across the world!

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