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Panda Fireworks Lit up Muscat’s Sky
Monday, February 25, 2013
On the evening of February 10, 2013, a multimedia and fireworks show created by Panda Fireworks Group lit up Muscat's skyline.  Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Al Naseem Park in Muscat to watch this spectacular display mark the Muscat Festival. 

The theme of the fireworks show was "Give me 3 days, Travel in Oman."  Following the Arabian mythological figure Sinbad, the audience was transported through Oman's past, present and future.  The display perfectly illustrated Omani humanities, history, natural beauty, construction achievements, and the charm of Oman's future.  It applied the latest multimedia technology, with the most popular aspects in the world including fireworks, lasers, fountains, fire, water screens, LED lights and stage performances.  The incredible water screen and dome 360 degree projector, combined with the dynamic luminous biking show and Omani traditional instrument performances, brought the show to its culmination.
The show lasted for 20 days in Al Naseem Park; it was presented twice a day.  It was mesmerizing and a joy to witness.  This was the first time a Chinese company has undertaken the project for the Muscat Festival.  It is also the first showcase for Panda Fireworks after the company's transformation from a fireworks art display company to a diversified culture and media company.  Gang Huang, the chief director of the show, said "The process of bidding and implementation of the Muscat Festival project is full of twists and turns."

Early in  the bidding process, Panda Fireworks didn't have any advantage.  For the past several years, American and European companies had dominated the market for the Muscat Festival.  Even the Omani Ministry considered the originality of those companies to be insurmountable, and harbored doubts about a Chinese company.  However, Panda Fireworks' unique originality finally won over all the judges.  Panda Fireworks' team received the qualification to host the show in the Muscat Festival.  It has become the only culture and media company from China in the Festival.

Because all of the previous projects were implemented by European companies, all of the local people were used to the European working style.  The preparation time was very limited.  A Chinese saying goes "there is no 'can not do', there is only 'dare to dream'", and it very much applies to Panda's display for this project.  Panda Fireworks only took a month to finish producing equipment, transporting it internationally, making stage props, constructing the site, debugging equipment, and rehearsal.  All of this impossible mission was thoroughly completed.

The spectacular Chinese-made traditional Omani multimedia fireworks show amazed everyone.  According to latest news reports, the Festival organizers have kindly asked Panda Fireworks to extend the show for one more week after its originally-scheduled end.  The Chinese spirit will continue shining in the land of the Middle East.
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