Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019, Panda Fireworks is proud to be one of the largest and most influential fireworks producers in China. Founded by Mr. Zhao Weiping, Panda Fireworks is a trusted leader in fireworks research and development, manufacturing and exporting. Rising to prominence within three decades, Panda is the only listed fireworks company in China.

Panda Fireworks has been honored as the official pyrotechnics producer for shows on the world stage, including the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, and many of China’s most prestigious events. The long, illustrious list includes the Shanghai Expo, XVI Asian Games in Guangzhou and the ceremony in Tiananmen Square for the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

In addition to achieving a domestic reputation, Panda Fireworks is committed to maintaining an enviable global presence. The company’s brands – Panda, Winda, Bright Star, Wizard  – are among the most popular in such international markets as the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Italy. Buyers know Panda as a one-stop shop for everything related to fireworks. Services range from procurement to collaborating with customers on private-label products.

Panda Fireworks supplies over 1000 pyrotechnic products to professionals and consumers. The company’s growing portfolio boasts several top-class factories in addition to large-scale production bases in the industry hubs of Liuyang City in the Hunan Province and Wanzai City in the Jiangxi Province. Tight, strategic partnerships have been established thanks to over 100 large- and medium-sized fireworks production facilities in China and abroad. Strong leadership and the dedication of valued employees are the cornerstones to long-standing purchasing relationships with several hundred production enterprises and buyers worldwide.

Panda Fireworks is committed to excellence on all facets of fireworks development, manufacturing, innovation and exporting. And every step of the way, the company demonstrates a deep concern for safety and the environment.

“We are proud of our reputation, and do not take it for granted,” Mr. Zhao said. “We work tremendously hard to maintain the highest standards in the industry while also being a driver in pyrotechnic innovation.”

With every lit fuse, Panda Fireworks stands behind its products – be the fireworks enjoyed at an Olympics before a world audience of 4 billion or by a single family in their backyard.